Some of the most valued diamonds are the ones with the fewest natural flaws or inclusions. The grading of diamond clarity is based on the number, size, location, and type of the inclusions found in a diamond. Toxsur is proud to offer jewelry with the clearest diamonds available.


FL, IF             -   Flawless diamonds with no inclusions whatsoever. These are very

                             rare and magnificent diamonds.


VVS1, VVS2  -   Diamonds with very, very small inclusions which are difficult to

                             detect even under 10x magnification.


VS1, VS2        -  Diamonds with very small inclusions that are not visible to the unaided



SI1, SI2           -  Diamonds with small inclusions or flaws that may be visible to the

                            unaided eye.


I1I2, I3          -  Diamonds with inclusions that are visible without magnification. Toxsur

                            does not use diamonds of this clarity in its fine jewelry pieces. 

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